Hopeless because you do want to start a youtube channel, but not sure where to start. You’re not tech savvy or very familiar with social media. You’re willing to do the work, but you don’t even understand what the work really is.

Have already started a channel but you're barely hitting your subscriber goals. You feel like no one is watching your videos or barely commenting. You don’t have many social media followers or an existing audience. You want this, but you believe it may not be for you.

You won't stay consistent because you don't have the time. You already have a full schedule and adding a youtube channel would make things even more hectic. You’re overwhelmed because you don’t even know how you would fit recording in your schedule.

Your consistent and you get a decent amount of views but your paycheck isn't matching your passion behind it. You need help setting up your adsense account or understanding how to get paid off of your content (there is more than one way besides views)

You don't have the equipment to get started. You get overwhelmed because you really want to be successful but you  have no idea what type of camera to buy, how to edit or exactly how to promote your channel on social media.

Does any of this sound like you? Good. Then this is the place for you.

Make your content stands out & produce profit as soon as you publish your first video. Get clear on your channel name, url and content. Set up your adsense account & affiliate links so you can start getting paid!

Create a plan that allows you to produce videos consistently, even with your busy schedule. Your schedule works for you giving you the time you need to create quality standout content. You know the secret to getting a lot of content created in one sitting.

Create a visually appealing videos, even though you’re not a videographer. Take 1-2 hours max to give your channel the layout necessities that make your channel perform AND look good without breaking the bank (or getting a design degree!)

Build a growing and loyal audience that lives for your content from the start. No. Getting. Stagnant. From the minute you hit publish, your viewers grows organically loving your content every single time you post.

Promote effectively without boring or bothering your readers. Spam won’t be an issue at all. You’ll promote your content driving constant traffic to your channel on a daily basis. And social media won’t be your end all be all.

Finally launch this blog idea you’ve had for months. And no it won’t take you months to do. In 30 days, you’re clear on exactly what steps to take week by week. You launch successfully without any hangups because you’re clear on what the goal of your channel is. 


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