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Very personable

I was very pleased with our session I just love being able to connect with a person who I don’t know personally and after getting over that introductory phase you feel like your talking to one of your friends. The information was very helpful and I can’t wait to use the tools to apply for my business and we’ll be in touch thanks sis💜

1 on 1 session

Justine Perkins

Business is now booming

Hey Brit! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! Since doing the previous sales training our online business is doing exceedingly well. We’ve used many of your strategies and we’ve received a lot of interaction in return. Thank you again for the work that you do! Our business Instagram is _splashofcolors
Moesha Clay

The truth

I purchased the Vendor’s list in May 2018 for my teenage daughter. She is so inspired by Britney’s faith and hustle! We’ve recently received an update for the Vendors list. Free of charge. Needless to say, I was in shock. She did not ask for a penny more than I had already spent with her company. Britney THANK YOU. You will always get our business Brightest Blessings Shauni&Sey

Vendors list

Shaunie B

True profesional

Britney is so down to earth, she and I did a FaceTime call and even though our meeting was scheduled for an hour she still let me ask her questions for a little longer. She made me so much more confident in my content creation and assured me I had nothing to worry about! For someone to take the time out to have a meeting with me and continue to mentor me, is far beyond amazing. She truly kept it real and allowed the energy that transpired to be organic and not awkward. The person you see is truly the person behind the scenes, she cares about her clients and will do all she can to help! True professional!

1 on 1 session

Yuni D.


Brittany was super friendly and most importantly knowledgeable. She gave me so much tips and tricks that she personally used to build brands she’s had in the past and from successful business owners she has worked with. She follows up and genuinely cares for her clients ! I have been vigorously looking for a mentor and I’m happy I found her

1 on 1 session


She knows her stuff

I always knew what I wanted to do but I just felt like my thoughts were all over the place that my audience would be lost. After speaking with Ms. Brittany, I feel like she suggested something’s that I had never even considered or thought about. I have watched several of her YouTube videos before hiring her just to make sure she was not giving the same tips to everyone and she didn’t. What she told me to do was specific for me. What I have learned is you are never too old to learn or grow and her one on one coaching was definitely the investment I needed to make for myself. ❤️

1 on 1 session

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