Social media is the best way to boost sales and build a brand. When used the right way social media can be a great way to build an extra stream of income while working in your career field or working in school. If you have an online business 82% of your revenue should be on auto pilot by using social media platforms. A lot of people are lacking consistency, sales strategies, marketing plans or copy while using social media. 


Hopeless because you do want to start growing your following but not sure where to start. You’re not tech savvy or very familiar with social media. You’re willing to do the work but you don’t even understand what the work really is.

You won't stay consistent because you don't have the time. You already have a full schedule and posting consistently would make things even more hectic. You’re overwhelmed because you don’t even know how you would fit social media content in your schedule.

You need to use social media to boost sales but your not sure how to create content that converts into sales. You’ve tried to promote your products or services but your copy is misleading, your sales strategy is unclear or your marketing plan isn't strong. 

You promote your products or services but your followers aren't budging.  Your not that good at story telling. Your posts are too aggressive or you feel like a salesman trying to get people to click the link to your website or subscribe to your channel.

Does any of this sound like you? Good. Then this is the place for you.

Sis, you need me as your social media account manager. Digital content is my field of expertise and creating profitable brands is what I do in my sleep. Allow me to take over your social media platforms and rebrand yourself or your business on a budget. As your social media account manager I can post consistently for you, boost sales, grow your following and turn your social media platforms into a business.


Once you hire me as your account manager we will have a 1 on 1 brand evaluation (via facetime or phone call) discussing your vision, digital voice, sales goals, competition, brand evaluation and my plan for your brand.

Please keep in mind I can post on the following platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin & pinterest) I am also able to write out captions for your personal photos (selfies, ect) outlines for your youtube or live videos, blogposts and email newsletters. It's time to invest in social to then gain sales on social!



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