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What if you could grow your Instagram following daily by the 10’s or even 100’s with an increase of likes and comments? What if you could have a bunch of new clients or sales from meeting people face to face out networking?

Good news: you can.

Between me and you, do you feel:

    • Frustrated because you post great visual content on Instagram, but no one likes or comments on it?
    • Clueless when it comes to posting content because you’re not sure what to post or how to write captions?
    • Overlooked because your online business isn't getting the same amount of numbers as your likes on social media? 
    • Helpless when it comes to sales because you don't have a huge following?  
  • Not sure how to introduce yourself to new people when networking because you have more than one business or passion

Trust me. I felt like this 1 years ago 
when my Instagram was at a standstill and I had more than one hustle. Imagine trying to be the jack of all trades with your hands on many projects trying to ask the simple question "what do you do?"

For the first 2 years I posted what I felt like, with no goal, no direction and no strategy. I never directed my existing followers to my website and when I did it was like pulling teeth or spam mail. I also had a long list of things I did as a serial entrepreneur so it was hard to network!

But that was before.


I’ve organically grown my Instagram following and converted my followers into customers.

Gained credibility and trust from my followers so they follow me on any platform.

Sales are no longer an issue and now I don't have to pay for advertisement because I've mastered the art of branding myself online so my products sell themselves. 

I've mastered my elevator pitch so networking goes smoothly with whoever I'm meeting and I've even gained new customers off word of mouth and meeting new people face to face!

Personal branding 101 will teach you these everyday strategies!



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